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RUGBY IN AUSSIE – Insight from Peter Ford

by SuperUser Account on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 8:07 AM

1) How has the season gone so far at Gunnedah in Australia?


The season has gone well so far. We have made it into the top half of the table and are guaranteed a final, which, if we win, may lead to a grand final spot. Something Gunnedah hasn’t achieved in a few years.

2) How is the level of club rugby in Australia, specifically at Gunnedah, in comparison to the UK?


Because I am playing country rugby there is a lot of variation in the quality of the teams in the league. So, whereas in England there are lots of leagues with similar standard teams in each, here, due to the isolation, you will have very poor teams and very good teams in the same league. Also, you can’t relegated or promoted so this variation is constant season after season.

3) Settling in, how were the club been with helping you settling into the Australian lifestyle?


The club have been extremely helpful, I couldn’t have asked for more support to be honest. They have sorted me with a job, which came with a free car and house. Also, the representatives are always looking out for me and we even go for dinner with them each Thursday after training.

4) What is the social aspect like within the club?


Socially, the club is excellent. Post-game celebrations are massive and there has been a variety of team events during weekends when we don’t have game.