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Inside Running are the best choice to secure your Rugby future

by SuperUser Account on Thursday, August 17, 2017 1:48 AM

For nearly two decades, Inside Running have been New Zealand's leading Rugby Agents finding placements for over two thousand players and coaches. During that period of time we have nearly seen it all. You would be amazed at the range of placements, locations and deals we have negotiated for players at all levels of the game. Whether it’s a professional pathway you aspire towards like Mitre 10 Cup (New Zealand) or a semi pro deal including Shute Shield (Australia), AIL (Ireland) or Federal One (France), Inside Running have the contacts to make your dream a reality. Clubs situated in exotic financial hubs Hong Kong and Dubai can also provide the opportunity to play top level rugby while pursuing lucrative white collar careers. While lower level UK clubs enable Antipodeans with a base to enjoy intrepid and hugely enjoyable Overseas Experiences.

It is worth examining what Inside Running can offer in terms of actual opportunities, it’s imperative that players are realistic and make informed decisions. If you are not already a professional rugby player in your own country you should not expect to receive a well-paid contract overseas. For example if you haven’t played at Mitre 10 Cup level in New Zealand it’s highly unlikely that you will make a living out of rugby abroad. Clients need to take on board the measured advice of our Rugby Player Agents, we won't lead you down the garden path. Being able to match the right player with the correct club is a service we pride itself on. Players often misunderstand the rugby landscape, they assume that there is money to burn abroad when in reality clubs want bang for their buck.

A relatively small percentage of UK clubs offer match fees or retainers, to play in the top four levels of rugby in England you actually require a UK passport, an Ancestry Visa or top tier professional experience. The French market is extremely competitive and a tough one to crack. Players naively believe that French clubs at every level throw cash at foreign players, the reality is quite different. France can at times be a difficult place for foreigners to live and play. UK players at National One, Two and Three level are often shocked to learn find that there is no money on offer in New Zealand club rugby. You play rugby in New Zealand to test yourself and for pride, most clubs run on the sniff of an oily rag! In fact the secret of New Zealand rugby is that there are no handouts. Our Rugby Agents are able to explain the vagaries of each rugby competition in the world and match our client's abilities with an appropriate level abroad.

Our Rugby Agents provide a thoroughly professional service and based on the level of information you provide will work hard to find you an extremely enjoyable and satisfying placement. Clients need to play their part by filling out our registration forms to the best of their ability, to produce quality video footage and be realistic in their expectations. The game of rugby provides an amazing vehicle for players of all levels of the game to travel and explore the world.