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Seeking Recruitment Opportunities? View our latest Rugby Coaching Vacancies.

by SuperUser Account on Saturday, August 19, 2017 7:58 AM

Inside Running have been leading rugby recruitment specialists for nearly two decades now. We deal daily with clubs from all over the rugby world. While the United Kingdom have traditionally been our largest market we also advertise Rugby Vacancies in more exotic destinations including France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Arabian Gulf. Closer to home the Australian market is now booming while clubs throughout New Zealand seek quality players and coaches. Before applying for your dream placement, it’s worth speaking with Inside Running to ensure you are fully briefed in the ensuing process and steps required. Detailed preparation is required on the applicant's behalf.

Whether it’s a Rugby Coaching or Playing Placement interests you, Visa criteria will ultimately determine which countries you can enter. For example to play in Britain you must hold a UK passport or an Ancestry Visa (which requires you or your spouse to have a UK born parent or Grandparent). The other option is to apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa although to do this you must be aged between eighteen and thirty. Check the criteria of our online vacancies before applying for a placement.

UK Visas are relatively expensive compared to other countries. The YMS Visa (allowing your twenty-four months residing in Old Blighty) costs around NZD1000 while an Ancestry Visa is NZD3000. In comparison you can obtain a Visa to enter the Netherlands or Southern Island from just NZD150.

Players are often surprised to learn that they are required to apply for their own Visas, it's not something we can do for you unfortunately although there are a few “shortcuts” Inside Running are happy to divulge to make the process easier.

As Rugby Coaching vacancies are less common than playing placements, clubs seek the best qualified candidates available. The World Rugby Level Three qualification is essential for all aspiring coaches wishing to play their trade abroad. It can be obtained in New Zealand (through the NZRU) and Australia (ARU). If you have not yet embarked on a coaching development pathway, contact your provincial RDO so you can commence the education required and begin upskilling today.

Along with the necessary qualifications and a comprehensive playing CV, a settled work history speaks volumes about applicants aspiring to land one of our Rugby Vacancies. Detailed resumes and current employer references (with accurate contact details) are as valuable in my opinion as you’re playing background. Reliability and balance off the field speaks volumes about a player’s character. Work related qualifications will only enhance your prospects. Clubs want applicants to be decent, down to earth blokes who are both resilient and responsible.

Being realistic is equally important when applying for vacancies. If you haven't played professional rugby in your own country there is little chance you will be paid to play anywhere else. You are far better off joining a new club at a level you can excel at, meaning you can prove yourself upon arrival. Once you are regarded as a standout player, more lucrative opportunities may soon present themselves. But keep grounded and work hard. Remember to put your hand up, not out. That’s how the game rolls, throughout the rugby world.