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Rugby Player Vacancies By Steve Hale – Australian Director

by SuperUser Account on Monday, November 27, 2017 8:14 AM
Rugby Player Recruitment Before applying for any Rugby Player Vacancies with Inside Running Recruitment there is plenty of work you can do. Your Rugby CV is only as good as the amount of information and details that you are prepared to supply.

I’ve seen too many players let themselves down at the first hurdle (massively reducing their marketability) by failing to understand how integral the Inside Running Recruitment registration process is in gaining a successful placement.

Filling out all of the required Registration information in great detail is your first opportunity to sell yourself. Rugby clubs will want to contact your references so be sure to include full contact details including email address and mobile number.

The Strength & Conditioning section is there for a reason. Prospective clubs want to know how your bench press or Yoyo test results stack up. If you don’t have that information, go out and get tested. You literally are competing against other players for the prime vacancies.

A work resume is required. Australian clubs (in particular) use employment agencies to source jobs for players. Having a good work CV could be the difference between you digging ditches forty hours a week in stifling heat or working in an air- conditioned office.

Footage, footage, footage. At the risk of rabbiting like a demented mole you simply CAN NOT expect to successfully apply for one of our leading Rugby Player Vacancies without being able to supply some decent quality video footage.

If you expect a club to potentially pay for your international flight, find you decent employment, help arrange suitable accommodation, give you gym access, pay your club registration fees and throw some free kit at you….. without being able to stump up a few minutes of video footage showing what you can do as a player…. Then mate you’re dreaming!

Just four or five minutes will suffice, an edited highlights package. If you cannot find someone to cut and edit your footage (and there are plenty of those IT chaps around who can) then a half game video will be fine. Add your footage as a YouTube link in the appropriate section when entering your Registration information.

If you have any criminal convictions serious enough to possibly prevent you from entering another country, you need to tell us. We aren’t here to judge you, we just need to know the important details.

Once we start sending your Player CV out, don’t be surprised if clubs will do their own googling and research to find out as much as they can about you. The rugby world is an incredibly small one now. It’s not hard for clubs to do their homework on you and find additional references.

Be straight up with us, that’s how we like to operate. If there is something you don’t like about the offer, or it isn’t right for you then by all means let us know. It’s vital we find the best fit for both clubs and players alike.

With over fifteen year’s industry experience, Inside Running Recruitment have a great reputation and your best interests at heart. We love matching quality players with successful clubs and have withstood the test of time in a competitive market. If you value a professional service from experienced rugby recruitment agents choosing Inside Running is a ridiculously easy decision to make.