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Alfie Hill rates his NZ experience

by SuperUser Account on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 6:22 AM
Rugby Player Recruitment UK Director Ryan Pietersen catches up with Alfie Hill and has a chat with him about his time in New Zealand.

How was the 2017 season with Taupiri Rugby Club in New Zealand?

It was a brilliant experience. Definitely helped me as a player on the field and off the field as a person. Was good to take in a new culture, and see how things work in a country such as New Zealand.

How was the level of club rugby in New Zealand, specifically at Taupiri, in comparison to the UK?

For me it’s hard to judge the level of competition directly, as there are elements of each country’s style of play that are better than the other. Obviously, the game is quicker in NZ then back in England, but again hard to compare directly. My game has definitely evolved by having a season abroad, no doubt.

Settling in, how were the club been with helping you settling into the New Zealand lifestyle?

It’s was brilliant, the club could not have been any more helpful. They helped with everything I needed, where ever they could. They did more than enough to make me feel welcome. Taupiri is a great part of New Zealand.

What was the social aspect like within the club?

The social side of things at Taupiri was awesome. They are a great club with some good players. One of the best experiences I have had.

In terms of an overseas experience, will this hold you in good stead further down the line with your rugby career?

Definitely, as I mentioned earlier, this has helped me on and off the field. Not many get the chance to travel and play rugby especially to a country such as New Zealand. If you are hesitant in looking at opportunities to play rugby abroad, don’t. Glad I did what I did, and have made good friends alongside gaining a good experience.