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by SuperUser Account on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 4:59 PM
Rugby Player Recruitment You may or may not be surprised to learn that the Rugby Agents at Inside Running Recruitment are incredibly discerning as to exactly which players we end up placing with overseas clubs.

An impressive Rugby Player CV is only part of the equation. While we obviously take great interest in a player’s physical ability (that’s why you are asked to enter the S&C data you as part of our registration process) and playing background, on field ability is only one part of our recruitment jigsaw puzzle.

The video footage you are asked to provide gives us and potential clubs the opportunity to analyse your performance in a competitive environment. Putting it simply, the players who struggle to provide decent quality footage miss out on the best playing packages.

If you are serious about playing overseas you need to be proactive. Make the effort to arrange for someone who knows how to operate a camera to record your next game. We can put you in touch with a company who can edit your footage into a highlights package. That’s all you need for your rugby player registration. We can then add the footage as a link to your Player CV which is sent out to prospective clubs.

It’s also vitally important that you provide two credible references with current contact details. We will get in touch with one or both references if necessary as part of our due diligence so please inform them that they should expect a call from Inside Running Rugby Agents. After those discussions we will also use our extensive rugby networks to learn more about your on and off field abilities.

The most vital attributes we need to get our heads around while assessing your suitability to be placed overseas are of course your personal qualities.

We need to know if you are a good club man, if you can get up every morning and work for eight hours, if you are a good trainer, how you react when the pressure is applied. Your new club wants to be assured that you are made of the right stuff. It’s our job to find out about your character.

We need guys who have a bit of grit, who turn up to training every night on time and work their tails off, who stick with one club for the entire season, who don’t take sickies at work unless they are really crook.

Rugby is at the end of the day a values game founded upon honesty, sacrifice, loyalty, reliability and commitment. There are lots of exciting young rugby players who may look like potential All Blacks when their team is winning big.

But it’s those less flashy, gritty players who hold fast week in, week out when their team are decimated by injuries and illness and battling to avoid relegation who are the real champions.

How you play certainly interests us, however what you do off the field is even more important. What are your values? Are you made of the right stuff? If you have what it takes, we certainly want to hear from you. The world is your oyster. Hard Work certainly does Pay Off.