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Play Rugby Overseas

by SuperUser Account on Friday, May 25, 2018 3:53 AM
Rugby Player Recruitment By Steve Hale – Inside Running Recruitment Australian Director
Playing overseas isn’t for everyone. While the appeal of playing abroad appeals to many, the reality of being presented with an overseas offer, soon sorts out the men from the boys.

Our role as Inside Running Rugby Agents is to find reliable, quality players for ambitious overseas clubs. You’re not going to become a fully professional rugby player over there, and you’re in most cases you’re still going to have to get up in the morning and go to work as well. The club will find you a job and you’re most likely going to have to pay some form of rent as well. They’re the realities.

Clubs will pay for your flight to the UK, they will provide gym access, provide gear, cover your subs and in some case find a waka for you to drive around in…. providing you hold a full license (and NOT a FULL Learners).

The idea is that you’re expected to be the best player at your new club, that’s why they’re making you an offer. We often hear applicants say they want to play at a higher level while expecting a match fee and a retainer. The reality is often those clubs don’t need to recruit you. As RUGBY AGENTS we have to find the best quality player for the right club.

As far as match fees go, only a small number of clubs we deal with offer them.

If a club is paying your airfare and finding you a place to stay, then you need to be the best player on their pitch. That way everyone will be happy, the club, the sponsors, the supporters and so will you. Its amazing how many opportunities will come your way as a result. A free beer, an invitation out, friends…. phone numbers.

There is nothing worse than failing to deliver as a player, especially if you’re overseas at a new club. It puts you under immense pressure and you face constant scrutiny. Expectations are high and so they should be. If you can’t cut the mustard on and off the field.

The answer of course is to join a club where you will be the star. Its might be a grade down from your current level but there is nothing wrong with that. When you start consistently delivering on the field, at training and off the field, your efforts will be noticed, respected and hugely appreciated.

Once you have gained your teams respect through your playing ability you can start making suggestions to help improve performance. The most successful placements we have made are from players who have given their heart and soul to their new clubs. You only get out, what you put in.

The principles of rugby don’t change whether you are on or off the field. To make a placement successful you need to be hardworking and reliable. Partying hard every night does not lend itself to hauling your butt out of bed at 6am and working through a Scottish winters day. Being disciplined, tough and mature are not personal qualities you can bluff. If you don’t know how to work hard off the field, you will never be able to work hard on it.

An opportunity to play rugby overseas might not be for everyone, but for those bold enough to pursue it, they will receive the experience of a lifetime.