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Thomas Moysey reflects on his Aussie Rugby experience

by SuperUser Account on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 7:48 PM
Rugby Player Recruitment1) How has the season gone so far with Balmain in Australia?
The season has gone well so far. I have enjoyed it massively but some of the results have been a bit inconsistent. We have a chance to make the grand finals still but we have to be able to win all our remaining games.

2) How is the level of club rugby in Australia, specifically at Balmain, in comparison to the UK?
I would say it’s a different brand of rugby in Aus than the UK. It’s a lot faster paced and there is a higher skill level across all positions and I would say the weather is a huge part in that. At Balmain there are some really talented players who have played very high levels previously, some quality local players and some oversees players who will go on to play an even better standard of rugby.

2) Settling in, how were the club been with helping you settling into the Australian lifestyle?
Yes they were great, they helped me with things such as sorting out bank accounts and tax numbers, providing us with work as well as sorting us with accommodation. Overall, great club to be part of, on and off the field.

3) What is the social aspect like within the club?
Our accommodation is above a pub which happens to be the rugby clubs clubhouse which has been good fun to say the least. So every Saturday after games we always head back here and have a few beers with the lads, with socials and events often occurring.